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We launched the Rethink effort in 2011 to encourage Massachusetts voters to make up their own minds about U.S. Senator Scott Brown's record.

On Tuesday, it became clear that people across the Commonwealth indeed "rethought" having Brown represent our Commonwealth on Capitol Hill and made the right choice.

Our strategy was simple: to present Brown's record of voting against working families, let you make your own decision and then help make the case.

Today we offer our thanks to everyone who tweeted one of our videos, emailed information about this site to a friend, or printed out one of our fliers to share.

We couldn't have done it without you!

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Update: We added *MORE* new mail pieces below, and will continue to add them as they come out.

By now you may be getting tired of television commercials and political messages. But with so much at stake on November 6, we need your help to make sure everyone knows what voting for Scott Brown will mean for our Commonwealth. It could well put Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate, which would set the stage for an agenda that hurts Massachusetts families.

We've been sending some mail pieces to undecided voters to help inform them about the choices Massachusetts faces. Now we are asking you to spread the word. Providing information like this to a friend or family member is a great way to persuade a voter to make the best choice in the election. So please take a look at the cards below, download the ones you find compelling, and share them with your friends, family members and other people you know.

Scott Brown and the Republican Agenda



Scott Brown: Leaving the Middle Class Behind



Scott Brown: The Company You Keep



Compare the Candidates



Scott Brown: Bad for the Middle Class



Take it Offline

You may notice a new feature here at Directly below the videos on the right side of the front page you'll now find links to download .pdfs with information on Scott Brown's record.

We hope you will download and print out these fliers to share. Maybe you are planning a big canvass or event and need some materials that are tested and ready-made for printing..Well, here they are. Maybe you can't get your Mom to read anything on the computer or you have a friendly coffee shop who will let you hang it. Whatever the reason, you now have a new tool to teach people about Scott Brown's real record.

During the last debate, we found out a lot more about Senator Scott Brown's ties to the oil and gas industries, his questionable stance on women's health issues and his belief that the rich shouldn't be asked to pay their fair share.

With another debate coming up tonight, we are offering a few suggested questions for the moderator to ask Senator Brown.

Will you apologize for the behavior of your supporters?

A few days ago, video of Scott Brown's staff making racist and offensive chants and taunts became public. Will Brown offer a sincere apology for his staff members' conduct and discipline those involved? If not, why will he fail to take such action?

How do you justify taking millions of dollars from Wall Street while simultaneously using your swing vote to water down reform legislation?

In the summer of 2010, as Congress was negotiating Wall Street regulations that were intended to prevent another nationwide financial collapse, Scott Brown and his staff were working to water down those rules. At the same time, according to The Boston Globe, donations from Wall Street "poured in" to the senator's campaign. Brown has raised more than $1.1 million from Wall Street, and Forbes calls him one of "Wall Street's Favorite Congressmen." He needs to be asked if he is on the side of Wall Street or the people of Massachusetts.

How can you call yourself the second-most bipartisan member of the Senate when you consistently vote with fellow Republicans on important legislation?

According to an analysis conducted by the organization Progress Mass, when push comes to shove, Scott Brown is in lockstep with the national Republican Party. When he has a chance to make a difference in stopping a filibuster, Brown votes with the Republican majority 76 percent of the time. His actions simply don't match up with his claims of bipartisanship, and he needs to be asked why that is the case.

What questions would you like to see the moderator ask Scott Brown? Tweet using the hash tag #ScottBrownQ or post on our Facebook page.

We'll see if these questions get asked. For more updates and live fact-checking during the debate, be sure to follow us on Twitter at

Senator Scott Brown stood before the South Shore Chamber of Commerce on August 14 to deliver what his campaign called a major policy address on taxes. By all accounts, there wasn't much policy behind his speech.

The talk mostly focused on attacking Elizabeth Warren and calling for a special summer session of Congress to stop the Bush tax cuts from expiring. While the Bush tax cuts have predominantly helped millionaires, Brown talked about easing the pressure on the middle class.

What Brown doesn't want you to know is that where the Bush tax cuts are concerned, he has repeatedly voted against the people of Massachusetts - and for the interests of millionaires.

During a December 2010 debate on extending the Bush tax cuts, Brown twice voted against amendments to keep the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but end them for households making over $250,000 a year. In the same debate, he also voted against an amendment to keep the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but end them for people making over $1 million a year.

Brown's other actions have likewise made it clear that he cares more about millionaires than working people. Brown voted to filibuster a resolution proposing that "any agreement to reduce the budget deficit should require that those earning $1,000,000 or more a year make a more meaningful contribution to the deficit reduction effort."

So 16 months before standing before the business leaders of Massachusetts, declaring a crisis and calling for a special session to prevent "taxmageddon," Brown voted three times for the interests of the wealthy rather than compromises that would extend the Bush tax cuts for the middle class. This fits with behavior we've repeatedly seen from Senator Brown: call for Congress to do something about an issue and then go down to Washington, D.C., and either waffle or vote for special interests.

We have a question for Scott Brown: If Congress did what you wanted and gaveled in a special session and there was a compromise bill that would extend the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans but asked those who make more than $250,000 to pay a bit more, would you vote for it or would you seek to filibuster it again? Is it more important to you to make sure the rich pay less or that you actually try to help the middle class?

Yesterday Scott Brown pushed out a video titled "Let America be America." The Boston Globe already reported on how Brown selectively edited quotes. But there is something else wrong with it.

Find out more after the jump.

The Boston Globe reported yesterday that much of the 2008 Dodd Frank bill to reform Wall Street is stalled.

From yesterday's Globe:

Government regulators have missed more than half of their rule-making deadlines, with just 120 of the 398 regulations enumerated by the law in effect, according to a tally by the Wall Street law firm Davis Polk. Key provisions are still months away, most notably the so-called "Volcker Rule" meant to rein in banks' appetite for risky investments and prevent a repeat of the 2008 meltdown that led to the public bailout of some of the country's largest financial institutions.

One big reason this has occurred is tied to Scott Brown and his large campaign donations from Wall Street. In particular, the Volcker Rule is being weakened and stalled. This rule is a key part of the bill that protects us from risky bank investments like those that caused the collapse in 2008.

The short of it:

  1. 1. Scott Brown has taken large sums of campaign contributions from Wall Street.
  2. 2. While the Wall Street reform law was being written, Brown worked to water down the Volcker Rule, a key part of the bill.
  3. 3. After the law was passed, Brown continued to work against Volcker in the regulatory process.
  4. 4. As reported yesterday, Wall Street reform, particularly implementation of the Volcker Rule, continues to be stalled.
  5. 5. Conclusion: Scott Brown has repeatedly worked on behalf of Wall Street.

Read more for details

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of President Obama's health care reform bill. The ruling is the subject of Scott Brown's most recent ad. As usual, this "radio report" is misleading about both the facts and the senator's stance on the issues.

Family Values

Watch our new video on Scott Brown's Record. If you like it, please share it with your friends and followers.

In his most recent radio report, Scott Brown talks about the plight of the middle class. For once, we agree. As Brown says: "The average family's net worth has dropped almost 40 percent in this bad economy. Income levels also fell. The loss of income and net worth is a one-two punch that is crushing our middle class."

No one can doubt that the middle class is suffering. But as usual, Brown tries to misdirect attention from the real problem; he even mentions Europe at one point.

The facts are clear.

The middle class is hurting because of the votes cast by Scott Brown and the rest of the Republicans in Congress.

Brown has repeatedly voted for - and advocated for - policies that shift costs and burdens onto the middle class, especially via massive cuts to Medicare and college aid. These are the policies that are really crushing the middle class and pushing our economy toward stagnation.

He has also voted against a number of efforts to help Massachusetts and the middle class.

  • Brown voted against a payroll tax cut worth $1,830 next year to a typical Massachusetts family. It would have helped 140,000 Bay State businesses prosper and create jobs.
  • Brown voted against the American Jobs Act, which is creating up to 16,000 Massachusetts jobs while upgrading transportation and school infrastructure.
  • Brown voted against an amendment to keep the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but end them for people making over $1 million a year.
  • Brown voted for a Republican budget bill that would have reduced Pell Grant college aid for 135,000 Massachusetts students.
  • Brown voted for the federal debt plan offered in July 2011 by House Speaker John Boehner, which would slash $1.8 trillion mainly from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while ruling out new taxes of any kind on the wealthiest Americans.

Find out more about Scott Brown's record of voting against the middle class at The Complete Record.


In his latest ad, Scott Brown proclaims he was the deciding vote on Wall Street reform. But that claim doesn't hold up to the facts.


Don't be fooled by Brown's latest radio ad. Look at his real record on education.

In Scott Brown's latest radio ad, he touts the work he has done to make college more affordable and talks about the need to help graduating students find jobs.

But do not be fooled: Here is his real record on jobs and education for the people of Massachusetts.

  • Brown voted for a bill cutting Pell Grants for 135,000 Massachusetts students.
  • Scott Brown voted for a budget that would have cost Massachusetts 17,000 jobs.

Senator Scott Brown holds out the STOCK Act as a signature accomplishment. But a closer look finds the measure -- which had been drafted and filed years before Brown ever got to the U.S. Senate -- ultimately got watered down by Wall Street and some Capitol Hill insiders, with his seeming support.

During debate on the STOCK Act back in February, Brown voted against an amendment to require that so-called political intelligence consultants register their clients and contacts, much as lobbyists are already required to do (Senate vote #12, 2/2/2012). It's an issue most of us have never heard of, and the vote might seem like just an obscure sidelight to the overall bill and its more-talked-about purpose: cracking down on members of Congress who supposedly engage in insider trading. Yet the political intelligence provision stirred so much pushback from the investment industry and GOP leadership that it threatened to delay or even kill the whole bill.

The big news from The Boston Globe today is that Scott Brown has created a second fund-raising committee and used it to collect about $2.9 million - almost half of it from Wall Street. Brown's plan is for those big bucks to go to help re-elect himself and his fellow Republicans.

We already know that donations from Wall Street poured in to Brown's campaign committee as he was voting to water down the Wall Street regulatory overhaul that was passed in 2010. This new information just shows the extent to which, as Scott Brown delivered for Wall Street, Wall Street delivered for him. Open Secrets now has Brown's Securities & Investments total at $1,658,650.

BOSTON - In an effort to better show Senator Scott Brown's disregard for the interests of Massachusetts, Rethink PAC today released an updated Facebook page that shows the precise chronology of Brown's misleading rhetoric and his voting record in Washington. With Facebook's new 'Timeline' format, a visitor to the page can scroll back to February 2010, when Brown first took office, and see his complete record of opposing legislation that would benefit the people of Massachusetts.

"With this comprehensive list, voters can go back to when Brown first went to Washington and see if his record matches their values," said Liz Morningstar, executive director of Rethink PAC. "This Facebook page allows voters to see that time and time again, Brown holds the interests of big money in higher regard than the needs of Massachusetts."

BOSTON - Following Senator Scott Brown's vote this afternoon to once again protect tax breaks for Big Oil, a new video highlights his protection of oil companies over the interests of the people of Massachusetts. Today's vote marks the third time Brown has voted to protect tax breaks for the oil and gas industry since going to Washington two years ago.

The new video released by Rethink PAC criticizes Brown's continued support of Big Oil, despite his promise to represent the people of Massachusetts. As a gas gauge goes from full to empty, an excerpt of a speech in which Brown announces that he is not beholden to any special interests is heard. The video then highlights Brown's $198,000 in contributions from the oil and gas industry, as identified by The Center for Responsive Politics.

Following press reports of a Republican Super PAC, CAPE PAC, caught running online ads in support of Senator Brown, it's a good time to revisit our record regarding the "People's Pledge."

As long as big-money Republican Super PACs do the same, Rethink will continue to comply with the agreement signed by Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren in January. We agreed to observe the pledge the day it was announced, and promptly removed our ads.

BOSTON -- The Rethink Political Action Committee (PAC) today released another extensive research report examining Senator Scott Brown's record. The new chapter, entitled Making the Middle Class Pay, examines votes taken by the senator in Washington that have hurt middle-class families in Massachusetts.

Senator Brown went to Washington promising to be a bipartisan voice that would protect Massachusetts families. Instead, he repeatedly votes against their interests," said Liz Morningstar, Rethink PAC's executive director. "Brown's best solution to the national debt crisis is to protect special interest groups and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of Massachusetts families."

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

BOSTON -- The Rethink Political Action Committee (PAC) today released an extensive research report on Senator Scott Brown's record. The report, which includes two comprehensive chapters, is part of a continuing effort by Rethink to expose the wide gap between Brown's rhetoric and his record in the United States Senate.

"Senator Brown has repeatedly voted for legislation in Washington that supports corporate interests at the expense of Massachusetts families," said Liz Morningstar, executive director of the PAC. "Through extensive documentation of his votes, our report exposes Scott Brown's congressional record, which strongly conflicts with his misleading rhetoric."

We will comply with Warren/Brown agreement

Rethink Brown will comply with this agreement between the two candidates, while continuing to educate the voters about the real Scott Brown record of working against Massachusetts' values. We will suspend our advertising campaign, provided other third parties do the same. Through our website,, the news media, social media and other means of modern campaigning, we will provide factual analysis of the record that Brown is afraid to have exposed.

Senator Brown has voted to cut unemployment benefits for 30,000 of our fellow citizens, reduce Pell grants to finance education for 135,000 students trying to get a college education and bail out big energy companies while families struggle with near record heating oil prices. The voters of Massachusetts are seeking independent, verifiable analysis of the senator's record. We will continue to provide it.

Some hot air on LIHEAP?

Yesterday, Senator Scott Brown released a letter asking President Obama to "swiftly release" remaining money in the FY 2012 federal budget for home heating assistance for needy families and elderly people in Massachusetts.

The funds are provided through a program known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. With sky high energy prices and temperatures in the low 20s headed our way, "heating assistance for vulnerable citizens is a crucial area of the budget, "Brown suggested in his letter and in an earlier press release.

We agree with that sentiment.

Unfortunately, as is the case with other policy matters important to Massachusetts families, Senator Brown's actual record on this issue in Washington, D.C., hasn't exactly lived up to his rhetoric.

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

It was pretty surprising to hear Scott Brown carping last week about how rival Elizabeth Warren supposedly doesn't face tough news media questions and isn't made to explain how she'd vote and why, unlike him. After all, it is Senator Brown who has been repeatedly criticized for refusing to say where he stands on key issues, and who has become notorious for avoiding unscripted media encounters and town halls with voters since going to Washington.

Yesterday, Scott Brown voted to filibuster the Middle Class Tax Cut Act of 2011, the second time in just over a week he has helped block this payroll tax cut measure. The legislation Senator Brown opposed would extend and expand payroll tax relief, to save a typical Massachusetts family around $1,800 next year, and pay for it by asking the wealthiest two-tenths of one percent of American taxpayers to contribute a little more.

A few days ago, Scott Brown formed a "Truth Squad" to comment on our ads that list basic facts about Brown's record as a US senator. You may have seen in earlier posts where we corrected many of his "Truth Squad's" claims.

Today, however, we found something interesting: we agree with Senator Brown's assessment on one of our claims.

We once again look at how Scott Brown's "Truth Squad" is responding to the questions we are raising about the Senator. Today, the "Truth Squad" is playing fast and loose with the calendar and Scott Brown's involvement watering down financial regulation.

Senator Brown's just put out a press release touting his support for the "Responsible Unemployment Extension Act." According to him, this is a "fiscally responsible" measure that would offset the cost of extended benefits. However, it looks like more of a political gimmick.

Scott Brown has launched a new "Truth Squad" to push back against our new ads. We appreciate the attention, but a lot of what the "Truth Squad" says just isn't right. We'll be responding shortly to each of his points, but let's start with his claim that his Wall Street "fundraising is no different than other members of the delegation."

Scott Brown declares his support for President's nominee to lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau--but had voted for efforts to undermine the agency during Senate debate.

News on Scott Brown and the senate race from around the Commonwealth.

The Rethink Political Action Committee (PAC) officially launched today with two new videos about Senator Scott Brown's record, the website and a comprehensive online advertisement campaign. All are part of a year-long effort to show Massachusetts voters the wide gap between Senator Scott Brown's rhetoric and his record in the United States Senate.

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